The Show Must Go Green at Linecheck

Linecheck Milano

We will be taking part in The Show Must Go Green panel at Linecheck, in Milan, on Friday 22nd of November.

‘With very few exceptions, Italian festivals have not yet gained many of the necessary skills to address the issue. A panel to discover how to contribute materially to this transition by managing energy and resources in a more intelligent way, but also by playing a valuable leadership role in conveying changes to the public towards a more sustainable future.

What strategies can be applied practically, what areas do we have to consider (waste, transport, energy, food) in order to bring about more sustainable music festivals?
The goal of this panel is to inform artists and festival workers about a more sustainable approach, and to present the best practices and communal initiatives in order to achieve social, economical and environmental change.’

Katia Costantino / Eco.Reverb (IT)
Pete Lawrence/ Campfire Convention (UK)
Gwendolenn Sharp / The Green Room (FR)
Alberto Fumigalli / Nameless Music Festival (IT)

Marina Dente / (IT)
presented by Italian Music Festivals Association